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Tarot readings can provide deep spiritual truths to provide clarity that perhaps you can not or haven’t been willing to see.


It can help inspire you to know how to move forward on your soul’s journey

Yes, but it depends on how open you are to receive the message.  Sometimes over time, you see how the cards were trying to tell you something

All sessions are conducted online via Zoom.


Please note the readings will not be recorded, but you are free to take notes or record the audio on your mobile.

Firstly, don’t ask yes/no questions or ‘when’ questions.  Like: “When am I going to win the lotto?” Lol!

Ask questions like:

  • What can I do to find my soulmate?
  • What challenges must I overcome to be in a financially better place?
  •  How can I be a better partner in my relationship?
  • What can I do to grow my business?
  • Why do I keep failing?

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