The Power Of Channeling: Seth Speaks

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While some may find it creepy that spirits, guides, beings are reaching out to us from the other side – I find it extremely exciting and intriguing.

I think to myself: Why do they want to reach out?  Don’t they have better things to do?  Why can only some people communicate in this manner?  Why does there tend to have to be a ‘receiver’ and a ‘conduit’?  Are they even smart sentient beings?  Or are they the low vibrational souls that aren’t that wise?  Do the spirits have the power to foresee the future? 

All of this and more runs through my mind.  And of course, most of my questions don’t get answered.  But I still love to hear what channeled beings have to say.

I believe that most of us, at some stage in our life, have had a moment where we channeled another being in some form.  Whether it be in music, writing, creating – a time when we were in a flow state.

Most of the times, I find it to be very wise and insightful.  I enjoy the works of Esther Hicks, Conversations with God, Jess Lively and ‘The Collective’ and the books by Jane Roberts – ‘Seth Speaks’ and ‘The Magical Approach’.

The practice of channelling is when a person is able to allow a spirit to take over their body and that spirit then communicates to others.  Sometimes people who can channel have other spiritual gifts such as being a psychic or medium.  When I have read or heard about those who channel, they are usually visited by good spirits who are here to impart their knowledge to us and to help us along our spiritual journeys.

In regards to Jane Roberts, her spirit encouraged her to write a book to get some of the messages out there.  It was a slow process for her and her husband as they documented each visit from the spirit called ‘Seth’.  Seth encourages us to identify and connect with our own spirit/ soul self.  His plan is for others to not only focus on the physical reality, but that there is more than what we see, hear and feel.  That we can receive information from our inner channels.

He always dives into life after death, the choices there are and the transitional process. It’s discussed that the key to what we experience after death is our deep seated beliefs.  If there is a strong belief that you will go to hell, then that will be your experience for some time.  However, in each experience there will always be teachers guiding you to see the real truth, so that come to you ‘senses’.

Life after death has always been one of my big interests (not sure why…).  A lot of what Seth says aligns to quite a few things I’ve learnt about from Journey of Souls, Conversations with God and the Light Between Us (another three of my fave books)

It then gets super complicated and mind boggling when he discusses multidimensions and probable identities – which I won’t even attempt to explain!

Since reading the book I’ve continued to delve inwards on my own inner journey, finding the beauty and joy in everyday life.  Knowing that: I chose to live this life experience and earth has so many great delights and opportunities for me to have and to create.

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