Self Love Meditation Script

Self love is so important.  It provides us the guiding map to what we accept and attract in our life experience.  It can produce feeling of happiness and move you towards creating a life that is positive and feeds into your soul journey.  My most popular meditation on Insight Timer is the ‘Self Love’ MeditationContinue reading “Self Love Meditation Script”

The Power Of Meditation To Reduce Stress

A stressed person lives in a state that restricts creation, flow and abundance.  Have you ever been super stressed and you end up hitting your toe on the end of the bed, you forget to attend an appointment and on top of that you lose sleep?  How can anyone create with all of that happening?!Continue reading “The Power Of Meditation To Reduce Stress”

The Wisdom In Having A Morning Routine

For the past several years there has been a heavy interest and curiosity in morning routines.  Especially those of successful people.  After having my own morning practice, I’ve realised that it isn’t about what you do, but more so ‘how’ you do it. Through my own experience I’ve found that my daily routine has greatContinue reading “The Wisdom In Having A Morning Routine”


I’m not a big fan of idolising people – it conjures up images of people throwing themselves at someone’s feet, just to be walked upon – but I do believe in seeking out mentors.  It’s important not to just watch from the side lines, but to actually take actions and steps to improve ourselves. ButContinue reading “A SIMPLE GUIDE TO DR JOE DISPENZA”