The Power Of Channeling: Seth Speaks

While some may find it creepy that spirits, guides, beings are reaching out to us from the other side – I find it extremely exciting and intriguing. I think to myself: Why do they want to reach out?  Don’t they have better things to do?  Why can only some people communicate in this manner?  WhyContinue reading “The Power Of Channeling: Seth Speaks”

The Wisdom In Having A Morning Routine

For the past several years there has been a heavy interest and curiosity in morning routines.  Especially those of successful people.  After having my own morning practice, I’ve realised that it isn’t about what you do, but more so ‘how’ you do it. Through my own experience I’ve found that my daily routine has greatContinue reading “The Wisdom In Having A Morning Routine”


As a born and raised Catholic girl, ex-‘Catholic Youth Co-Ordinator’ and designated weekly Sunday Gospel reader; how did I end up conjuring images of having a past life or even past live(s)?  It goes against the grain of all I’ve ever been taught, the Western societal norm and what the Catholic church teaches. Socrates wrote:Continue reading “JOURNEY TO YOUR NEXT LIFE”