How To Pull Yourself Into Alignment

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I’ve had clients who end up berating themselves or feeling bad because they don’t complete all of their morning or evening rituals each day.

Yes, it’s great to have your daily rituals to connect with your soul – but if it becomes shrouded with pressure, stress and anxiousness….then it isn’t doing what it is supposed to. 

For me, when it comes to my daily ritual I commit to one thing.  And one thing only.  If I find myself with more time on my hands, then I will do other intuitive activities.  But also, as you progress through your spiritual journey – you most likely will find that your daily rituals just becomes a way of life.  Rather than being something forced to be done at or by a particular time.

When you begin creating a morning or evening ritual, I suggest that you stop doing something if it’s not bringing you into alignment, providing a sense of peacefulness or joy.  Give it a month to see if it aligns to what you are needing or wanting Eg.  If you want to add intuitive dance into your daily routine, but you find yourself having to drag yourself to do it and by the end of it you’re not really feeling much more centered post dancing; then perhaps it’s not what you’re needing in your life right now.  That may change over the months or years.  But always tap into your soul to see if something is right for you.

By focusing on just one new habit or change, it allows you to create a cadence and relationship with it.  For example, I chose to meditate daily whether that be 15 minutes or 45 minutes.  However, right now I’m not too focused on working out.  I go to the gym in the mornings before work, however it’s not a MUST for me.  It’s something I tap into and see if it’s something I feel connected to doing. 

Regarding food, I chose to eat healthy pretty much 80% of the time.  However, I’m not the type of girl to turn down ice cream, pasta or pizza if it’s on the cards for that day!

The most important thing in creating alignment in your life is to connect with your soul and feel into what is a priority for you.  No one else can dictate that but you. 

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