Do You Tend To Give Up?

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When I was visiting Bali 2 years ago, I sat in the restaurant of the hotel each morning for breakfast.  And each morning I would watch the employees use a long broom to sweep away these nests that had been built around the exterior of the building by the local birds.  And yet, the next morning, the birds had rebuilt their nests, their homes, yet again.

Imagine being that bird each day. 

Do you think it feels defeated?  Deflated? As though the Universe is out to get it?


That’s the beauty of nature.  Whether it’s birds building their nests.  Spiders rebuilding their webs.  Or trees growing after a fire.

Nature doesn’t care that it has to start from scratch.

It simply just ‘is’

And nature always finds it’s way

And you, my friend, are part of the natural world

So next time you want to give up, and throw in the towel

Remember that we are part of this amazing Universe and even if you have to start from scratch.  You can and you will rebuild.

How do you tap into this energy and use it to power you to move forward?  Firstly, you need to tap into your Soul and check as to whether it is for you or not.  Sometimes, failure is pointing us down another route.  Other times, failure is the Universe checking in to see just how much we want something.

So check in with your Soul, because only you can know your Truth.

Then decide on your path by setting a clear intention.  What do you want to allow to flow through?  What actions are you willing to do?

Because, you see, nature doesn’t just sit back and wait for the Universe to create for it.  No, nature takes action to rebuild and create it’s own reality.  That is all the joy of being part of this beautiful physical world. 

Then, ask yourself how would you feel once you had achieved your goal?  What would you see? Would your environment be different?  What can you hear people saying to you?

Keep that vision in your mind each day

And each day work towards making that your reality

As you begin to create your reality, your new reality will shift and expand

So what are you working on creating?

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