“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make.  It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you” – Robin Sharma

We are always rushing to do one thing or another – rarely making time to pause, reflect and contemplate.  There’s chores to be done, work to be completed, deadlines to meet, bills to pay, friends to catch up with and family to take care of.  This list is endless.  As we focus on these things – you’ll soon realise that most of the tasks within our day doesn’t focus on ourselves and our needs.  We’re usually meeting someone else’s needs.  Someone else’s expectations.

With all these daily tasks, it’s easy to lose a sense of ourselves and the divine within us.  We forget that we are soul beings and our soul needs to be tended to as well as our body, our mind, our financial situation, our family and our external environment. 

Some may think that to make time for your soul you need to fit a certain stereotype or dedicate so many hours per day to be spiritual or soul centred.  But that’s where you’re wrong.  Every single person on this planet is a soul centred being and all it takes is a moment of stillness to reconnect with that divine within us.  That connection is to remind us that we are eternally good.  That we are made of love.  And that others around us are exactly the same.

In this fast paced environment, it is ever so urgent that we now take the time to turn inwards and take that time for reflection.  I’ve said it so many times, but a simple, yet powerful way to create that soul connection is through a regular practice of meditation.  Take the time to pause, truly sense your emotions and embrace the power within. 

When you invest in yourself, it does not just have to be financially.  It can also be by investing your time and energy on yourself to create a beautiful present moment.  If you’re ready to dabble in some meditation, I want you to listen to this meditation. Take the time to meditate in the morning either sitting in bed or perhaps in nature.  Trust me, you will be so happy that you started this practice.

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“This achieving the centre, being grounded in one’s self, is about the highest state a human being can achieve” – Bruce Lee

For the last couple of years, each morning I journal to my intuition and I witness the wisdom that my soul provides me.

Do you ever wonder how you can create a deeper relationship with yourself? 

In my case, I find that free form journal writing from my intuition allows me to gain more inner wisdom and make choices that are soul centred rather than coming from a place of fear or limiting beliefs.

Before I do my journal writing, I usually meditate for at least 15 minutes.  Overall, my goal in life is to feel unlimited, divine and know that I am worthy.  What I ultimately achieve with journal writing is an activation of those things and an increase in my intuitive abilities and energy.  It allows me to set my day right and in the right mindset of creating my own future and coming from a place of peace and knowing, rather than a place of lack.  This is why it’s important to me and my mental state.  As you can see, it’s a powerful exercise for making daily decisions and exploring your own mindset and beliefs.

For those who have done my 21 Day Journal writing course, they have had the opportunity to learn a few things to help shape their life into the one that they’re wanting and using the power of journal writing to help heal emotions as you reflect on your life journey.

If you haven’t done so already, start journaling to your soul and untangle your thoughts.

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“Charting your own course isn’t just more necessary than ever before.  It’s also much easier – and much more fun” – Pink

Over the last few years, I’ve decided that there’s no point waiting for my situation to miraculously become better before taking that step to actually make it better.  There’s no need to wait for someone to give you permission or wait until you are completely happy.  In doing so, you can manifest your beliefs and your own reality.  Creating new beliefs takes time and practice.  At the beginning you may feel deceptive to yourself and think that you’re just fooling yourself, but I’ve implemented daily exercises to my day to assist with this:

What would you have to believe about yourself to create your desired experience? What would you have to do?  What would you have to generally believe? 

‘I am’ statements help build affirmations and reaffirm beliefs.  Eg. I am powerful.  I am beautiful.  I am exciting.

As the year 2020 flies by, I think I’ve been doing quite well.  I’ve realised that mindset and mindfulness is a daily practice and not something that’s to be done as a solution, but rather a preventative.  My main belief is that soul connection is key to living a fulfilling life and I choose to focus on my soul studies.  I always think that we have unlimited opportunities, therefore I am always seeking, open to learning and being a student of life and most importantly – applying what I learn to my life.  I know that there’s no rush to go or be anywhere or to do any thing in particular; instead – what I create is a reflection of my beliefs and I’m willing to simply experience love and freedom in whatever form that flows my way.

Remember that you are capable of achieving whatever you want.  Why not make 2020 your year to feel love, abundance and joy from the Universe?

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Do you think transformation is possible through everyday life or do you need to step away from your usual surroundings and experience something else on offer? 

The average Australian works 30 hours per week.  In Mexico they work on average 43 hours and the United States 34 hours per week.  That’s a lot of hours! 

With the appearance of the ‘digital age’ and majority of people now working from home, people can continue to work ‘un-clocked’ hours as well.  Or perhaps are working two jobs to make ends meet or work on their passionate side project in their personal time.

But the constant grind, will simply wear you out. (Been there – done that).

You don’t need to take a holiday overseas or even domestically.  But you do need to make the time to give yourself a break and revive the soul.  Surprisingly, a lot of us have guilt around ‘self care’ and taking ‘time off’ and end up putting it on ‘The Bucket List’ rather than the ‘To-Do’ list.

Having suffered from anxiety, I make self-care a priority.  If it doesn’t get done, I can start to feel things crumble around me.  If I take a break of 5 or more days where I’m away from doing my usual work tasks – then I feel even better!  Just having that respite helps your brain to re calibrate, relax and get a fresh perspective on life, rather than feeling stale, stuck and stagnant.

As humans we are ever evolving, whether we like it or not.  Each cell in our body is transforming every day and sometimes on a conscious level, we have to let go of old mindsets and beliefs to be able to move forward and enjoy a new chapter in life.

I just wanted to write this blog as a reminder for you to create and schedule that change you may need in your life.  Lock the dates in now in your diary and stick to you.  Eg.  10JUN –  15JUN switching off the computer and having a stay-cation! Just as long as it’s away from your normal every day routine.  You deserve it.

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Have you ever wondered why, despite our best efforts, we have so much fear and cynicism about life after death – the possibility of being judged or punished?

While we often think of this as a learned behaviour from religious beliefs, law enforcement or perhaps parental influence the new age book Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton points to an ultimate source of divine authority playing a role, suggesting they are wise beings with great compassion for humans.  He uncovers that they are very patient with our mistakes and failures and passes on the information that we are given multiple ‘second chances’ in future lives on Earth.  In this case, when another life is lived, you won’t be having to repay any ‘karmic debt’ per say based on your past mistakes or failures, but rather having subsequent lessons when coming to Earth that we ourselves have chosen for further spiritual growth. 

The book provides a compelling image that a Soul meets with this council of Elders usually twice.  Once, after a life on Earth has ended and secondly, just before you go back to Earth. What happens at the first council is usually a recount of some major choices that were made in the life just lived and they are reviewed.  In the second council meeting we are told of potential major life choices and opportunities.  The concept of the meeting is not to judge the Souls or receive punishments for our ‘sins’ but rather to help us better achieve our goals in the next lifetime.  However, just because the Elders are like encouraging teachers doesn’t mean that we’re not our own worst critics.  The council hearing usually ends up making souls feel welcome and at ease.  The result is that feelings are discussed about past life actions and desirable actions for future lives. 

So if you know that you’re going to be meeting a council after death, why not keep a journal and do a nightly review of what you did throughout your day, how you’re feeling about your choices, what new opportunities could be possible for you tomorrow and what actions you plan on taking upon waking.

This is your legacy.  What is your soul calling you to do?

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There are so many challenges involved in one lifetime.  For the moment I want you to think about just Covid19 and how incredibly difficult it has been.  In just this moment, how did you react by thinking of that challenge?  Take some time to consider what emotions it conjured up.

The sheer volume of challenges in our life at any given moment is almost guaranteed.  Without challenges we cannot grow.  Essentially having challenges create resistance and by having resistance we are able to transform and grow to how we chose or desire. 

If life was completely easy and we received everything we ever wanted and things were always ‘good’, that would mean that there would be no opportunity for growth and learning.  No aspirations or inspiration as we would be in a constant state of contentment.

I know its sometimes hard to consider life’s trials with joy and viewing it as an opportunity of growth.  However, if you reminisce on your past life challenges eg.

  • Not getting that job you wanted,
  • Receiving criticism,
  • Losing money,
  • Making mistakes,
  • Not having enough money to pay the bills

The list is endless!  I’m sure you can choose one. 

Now think about how that challenge motivated you to get out of an undesirable situation, changed your perception on a topic or person, made you appreciative of the ‘good times’, helped you to transform or take one step closer towards your goals.

I know that what we’re all going through is uncomfortable and brings heaps of pressure, but just remember that for Soul growth and for you to achieve your greatest potential, you need to come out stronger from those challenges.  I often like to remind myself of the concept:  No challenge will come your way that you can’t handle.

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Below are some journal prompts I use to delve deeper into self enquiry.  Everyone’s answer varies and that is the beauty of it.  Allow whatever comes to you to flow onto paper and express how it makes you feel.  Release judgement.  Once you have completed writing to all questions, only then go back to read what has been written.

Do this practice each night.  You may find that the more your practice, the greater the connection to your inner-self.

  • What are you grateful for?
  • Where are you currently experiencing abundance in your life? (Family life, financial, career, health etc)
  • What have you done today to show someone love?
  • Did you focus on what really matters?  How?  If not, what can you do to change this?

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Living in flow is the best way I can think of to create ease in my life right now.  I’ve had to shut the doors to my business due to Government restrictions to reduce the risk of Corona virus being spread.  It has thrown my whole life plans up in the air (once again) and I’m yet to see where it will all land.

Here’s what I’m focusing on.  Hope it helps those also affected, since I know I’m not alone in this.

I often begin my day with meditation, journaling and yoga.  All of this can take 1 hour in total if I’m in a rush.  On the weekends – I can take as long as I like and often meditate for much longer.  I get excited when I’m ‘living in flow’ because things seem to be easier, I feel more abundant, expanding and able to handle challenges that may come my way. 

My attention goes to the Universe rather than simply looking at myself as an individual – reminding myself that I am a particle of the whole.  Everyone’s life journey is unique, and I can only surrender to that sacred power and not compare myself to others and their situation.

I also have a daily affirmation or word that I tend to focus on during my meditation and also carry with me in my thoughts throughout the day.  Some of my recent affirmations or words have been:

I give thanks to everyone that has showed me the way of ‘living in flow’ as it’s something that I’ll be ever grateful.  To live in flow, you simply need to continuously check in with yourself and your soul to see whether what you’re doing feels right or in alignment with your soul.  More importantly, remember that the Universe rests within you and around you and rituals are things that we do to remind us of our goals and intentions. 

What do you do to live in flow during these challenging times?

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In many ways, we all have challenges in life and have to make defining choices.  Society often thinks that we should have a polished life plan and make daily decisions and actions to achieve our goals.  Typically though, the average person is unable to constantly work towards their goals and will often lose connection with their ‘winning formula’ as life often has a way of throwing us off course.

Decisions at times seem to be a win/lose scenario rather than win/win.  However, for a person who has a bit of humour and soul connection, we see that we are simply human, we have faults and are here to have a human experience and that human experience is mixed with having a winning formula, achievements, attention from those we want as well as challenges, pitfalls and failures.  For those who are always chasing after success, this can seem contrary to their needs, wants and beliefs.  Even for your family members, partners, friends, colleagues – knowing what you’re doing next in life is quite important.  The reality though, is that majority of us are clueless about our next step in life and that’s absolutely okay!  Because there’s nothing more magical than experiencing the unknown.  Something greater than what our mind could have ever imagined.

I mean seriously – if you all take a moment to look back to 10 years ago – would your mind have been able to imagine what you were capable of achieving and completing?!

A series of unknown events will always occur in life, no matter whether you know where you’re going or not.  Life has a way of throwing everything all up in the air, ruining all of your precisely laid out plans and forcing us down a different path.

This has happened to me quite often in the past few years, and I’ve been grateful for those challenges when looking at things in retrospect.  When the mind starts to rationalise that “I’ve worked so hard for this”, “I’ve invested so much money”, “What will people think!”, I know that my soul is in the background being absolutely chill and excited about the new adventure.  The thing is, when you start ‘devolving’ from these ‘path changers’ that the Universe throws you, that’s when things can go off track.  Instead, I chose to lean into the chaos and see where the Universe leads you.

So many people have lost their authenticity, by trying to force a path that no longer exists.  Listen to where your soul is leading you, even though it goes against your rational mind’s intentions.  See where you end up!

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The human body is all linked with everything on the Earth, with everything we can see and cannot see.  When we go against our Soul’s desires it knocks us off balance and moves us to live in the physical world without regarding our internal world.  When this happens all too frequently, our soul essence begins to weaken along with the one-ness with the Universe.

A lot of us live our lives without considering our Soul.   Think about your day for a moment.  When did you stop to connect with your Soul?  Maybe you had to make a decision at work.  Perhaps you were busy, just being busy.  Afterwards, you finish your day without once connecting with the Divine. Sound familiar?

What you may not realise, is that we are all Soul beings – every single person on this planet.  Our souls all merge to the one cosmic universal energy that contains everything in existence.  When you’re in deep connection with your soul and see everyone else’s soul, it helps increase your expanded self awareness. Throughout my life journey I’ve found that by devoting more time, energy and thoughts to my internal world and sacredness it has helped me evolve into the better version of myself.  It has ramped up my connection with my inner self and helped me to channel the universe – even if it’s for a few moments throughout the day.  People who live in this awareness have had an awakening and feel more connected with others and also see themselves reflected in others.

As you can imagine, God is everywhere and even just taking daily small moments to meditate, sense your soul and other people’s soul allows your body to realign back into peace and harmony.  The regular practice of meditation can help connect with your inner self and help you maintain this deeper understanding.  I challenge you to meditate every day for the next 21 days and connect with the Universal One-ness.

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