Be Authentically You!

(Without Being An As*Hole)

happy african woman in traditional outfit near djembe

Being authentically you is so important.  It allows you to align a lot of your energy centers.  Especially the 5th energy centre for women, where being able to speak our truth has often been squashed or diminished.

It provides us the opportunity to create expansion in our lives. The more aligned you are to your authentic self, your light can shine brighter. Also, your path unfolds with more ease and flow.

I’ve seen people confuse being authentically themselves to meaning that they can call out others who are not on their same path.  Whether it is for someone’s dietary decisions, their school of thought, their choice of clothing brands and/ or their political views.

I have literally seen people take it as a personal offence when someone makes a decision in their own life and then ridicule them or tell them off.

This form of diminishing another person’s light is not aligned to our soulful values

It is a repetition of history and most likely behaviour that the persecutors themselves have experienced and have previously overcome

But now, they feel the need to use their power to diminish or lesson someone else’s decisions

It’s tragic, because most of those persecuting others have experienced public shaming and ridicule and yet continue this pattern by extending the same behaviour to others.

There is power in past experiences.  We can either learn from it.  Or repeat it.  Whether it be experiences from history or from our childhood. 

The choice is yours

You have no control over anyone except for yourself.  And even that, most people struggle with.

All I’m saying is, don’t be so quick to judge.  Lean into compassion.  Take a deep breath and focus on shining your own light, rather than diminishing another.

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