How To Pull Yourself Into Alignment

I’ve had clients who end up berating themselves or feeling bad because they don’t complete all of their morning or evening rituals each day. Yes, it’s great to have your daily rituals to connect with your soul – but if it becomes shrouded with pressure, stress and anxiousness….then it isn’t doing what it is supposedContinue reading “How To Pull Yourself Into Alignment”

Hypnosis To Overcome Fear of Driving

This hypnosis will allow you to become a confident motorway driver by overcoming the way you think about driving on the motorway Allow yourself to make these improvements in your life and at the same time feel wonderful about the power of your subconscious mind

Great Public Speaking Hypnosis

Get your message heard. An effective hypnotherapy session designed specifically for introverted, creatives who experience a fear of public speaking. Feelings of embarrassment and self doubt about speaking in public will be replaced with confidence and a strong self belief the public speaking is natural and easy for you Feel free to check out myContinue reading “Great Public Speaking Hypnosis”

Be Authentically You!

(Without Being An As*Hole) Being authentically you is so important.  It allows you to align a lot of your energy centers.  Especially the 5th energy centre for women, where being able to speak our truth has often been squashed or diminished. It provides us the opportunity to create expansion in our lives. The more alignedContinue reading “Be Authentically You!”

Why I Read Fictional Books

How can a book about dragons, witches or secret powers inspire me in my business and life? How can a book set in the Australian suburbs make me want to be a better person?  In all of the books that I read, fictional books still inspire me the most.  The characters of the books showContinue reading “Why I Read Fictional Books”

Self Love Meditation Script

Self love is so important.  It provides us the guiding map to what we accept and attract in our life experience.  It can produce feeling of happiness and move you towards creating a life that is positive and feeds into your soul journey.  My most popular meditation on Insight Timer is the ‘Self Love’ MeditationContinue reading “Self Love Meditation Script”

The Power Of Channeling: Seth Speaks

While some may find it creepy that spirits, guides, beings are reaching out to us from the other side – I find it extremely exciting and intriguing. I think to myself: Why do they want to reach out?  Don’t they have better things to do?  Why can only some people communicate in this manner?  WhyContinue reading “The Power Of Channeling: Seth Speaks”