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Harmonious, healing, Hypnotherapy to make you confident and resilient


Want to finally start taking steps towards your goals each day so that you can create an even more amazing life?


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Discover how Regression Hypnotherapy can help you let go of limiting beliefs and habits so that you can be excited about life

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Grab this free self hypnosis audio ‘Powerfully You!’ to make life more exciting by achieving your goals.  Plus, get a 30 Day Confidence Challenge straight away

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Here I can help goal chasers pursue their passions confidently without feeling like a fake imposter

Ready to find out what has been holding you back and plan on how to move forward through this unique Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy?  Work with me for 1 hour, 2 months or 4 months – the choice is yours my friend!

What my customers say

“Suzanne’s professional approach and techniques in assisting me to deal with personal past issues, meant that my first experience was a comfortable and rewarding one. With her guidance, I am becoming more aware of my thought patterns, triggers and various techniques to overcome issues as they arise.”

Linda K

“My experience with Suzanne was amazing! She is professional, patient and calm. The journey was certainly eye opening. After one session with her and listening to the audio daily, I have noticed a big change in my life. Highly recommend!”

Lauren C

Free Quiz: Find Out What Is Holding You Back
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